The Evolution Financial Group is a respected advisor and counter party for institutional investors, corporate clients, and wealthy individuals around the globe. Our businesses in Asset Management, Securities, Real Estate and Lending are all guided by five fundamental principles:


Unified Culture

Evo is built on a foundation of mutual respect that underpins all of our relationships. The value we place on business relationships and the integrity necessary to maintain them is a cornerstone of the Evo business philosophy.

Entrepreneurial and Opportunistic Mindset

Our growth is driven by ideas – iterative and bold, local and global. We are not constrained by traditional approaches and we thrive on creating innovative solutions to challenging problems. Our ability to leverage local knowledge to seek unique opportunities within an ever-evolving investment environment is a key differentiator.

Systematic Decision Making

We apply a rigorous and analytical approach to decision making. Making the right decisions at the right time is fundamental to success in the financial markets – and in life. Becoming a good decision maker requires reflection and practice. We provide training and support to help every member of the Evo team improve their decision making skills.

Platform Strength

We continuously innovate and grow our investment capabilities by creating or acquiring strategies, technology, operations and deal flow. This has enabled us to build a diversified investment platform of unique opportunities.

Experience and Expertise

Our deep, specialized experience in the world’s most unique, dynamic and challenging markets allows us to seek out and seize opportunities wherever they emerge.