Evolution Japan Asset Management Co., Ltd. (“Evolution”) shall manage personal information obtained strictly in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (“the Act”) and this policy

  1. Compliance of related laws and regulations

We shall comply with the Act, Financial Instrument Exchange Act, Money Lending Business Act and other related laws and regulations when we handle personal information obtained.

  1. The use purposes

Evolution shall use obtained personal information only in the range that is necessary for the achievement of the use purposes of the following business areas except the cases specified in law. As for personal numbers, they will be handled only in the range that is specified in law.

[Areas of businesses]

(1) Investment management business and business incidental thereto

(2) Investment advisory business and business incidental thereto

(3) Money lending business and business incidental thereto

(4) Other businesses Evolution engages or shall be granted to engage in the future.

[Use purposes]

(1) To provide information related to products and services.

(2) To judge adequacy of providing products and services in accordance with principles of suitability and other rules.

(3) To provide services such as applications for account openings.

(4) To send reports of management, asset under management balances and other items.

(5) To process administrative services for clients.

(6) To study and develop projects for improving services including marketing research and data analysis.

(7) To identify a client or his/her delegate.

(8) To do business with clients appropriately and smoothly.

(9) Irrespective of the above purposes, personal numbers shall be used only for application and notification of new accounts for financial instruments trading and preparation and submission of statutory records for financial instruments trading.

  1. The collaborative use of personal information of clients

Evolution may use personal information of clients with its group companies within the scope of the above purpose of use.  We shall not use personal numbers among our group companies by any means.

[Areas of businesses]

Financial instrument business and other concurrently engaged businesses.

[Range of users]

Evolution’s group companies (http://www.evofg.com/contact-2/)

[Use purposes]

To provide more effective and reliable services so that Evolution can give more options for its products services to clients

  1. Providing personal information to third parties

Evolution shall not provide personal information to third parties for purposes except there were clients’ consent or the cases specified in law.

  1. Secured management of personal information

Evolution shall endeavor to keep personal information accurate and updated.  Evolution shall implement adequate and necessary security measures to prevent leakage, loss or defamation of personal information including countermeasures against illicit access and information security measures against computer viruses.  We shall also establish adequate internal systems with internal policies for protection of personal information which shall be reviewed occasionally as necessary. Evolution shall continuously give guidance and training programs to all the employees regarding personal information handling.  Evolution shall also conduct adequate supervision on its subcontractors to make sure that they comply with the law. Evolution shall cope with complaints in proper manner.


  1. Procedure for disclosure, correction and deletion of personal information

When Evolution receives requests for disclosure, correction or deletion of personal information, it shall promptly and adequately process them after their applicants’ verification of identity is completed. Please be advised that Evolution shall charge the actual cost for processing a request for disclosure of personal information.


The following is the contact desk information for application for the above requests.  When request for disclosure of possession of personal numbers is made, Evolution shall advise if it retains the personal numbers or not.


  1. The personal information contact office

For inquiries and complaints with regard to personal information handling, the contact office hereunder shall respond to them.

The personal information contact office

Phone: 03-4550-0590

The Office open from 9AM till 5PM (Mon. thru Fri. except holidays)


Additional clause: This policy shall be enacted on May 27th, 2008

Revised on Dec. 4, 2008, July 5, 2012, Mar. 16, 2015, June 19, 2015, Dec. 16, 2015, Oct.1. 2017