Solicitation Policy
We will strictly observe applicable laws, related regulations and following our policies when we solicit financial products.

  • We continuously strive to earn the trust of our employees, by complying to the applicable laws and regulations for providing customer oriented solicitation.
  • We will endeavor to solicit investments appropriately by fully understanding the customers’ knowledge of financial products, experience and purpose of investment and financial condition and a “Customer Card” put in place for managing such information.
  • We will endeavor to give adequate and appropriate explanations to have customer understand material matters, such as details of financial instruments and risk, to enable customers to make their own decisions and responsibility.
  • We will endeavor to provide appropriate information so that transactions are carried out at customer’s discretion and responsibility.
  • Adequate training should be provided to every director and employee to acquire professional skills so that we could provide an appropriate investment solicitation.
  • We will not solicit through telephone or visit during hours customers feel disturbance.
  • We will endeavor to enforce its internal control structure in compliance with the Financial Instrument Exchange Act of Japan and other relevant laws and regulations.
  • EVOLUTION JAPAN Securities will accept any inquiries with transactions through Compliance Division. Please contact: 03-4510-3352